Cardiac LogoCardiac is a card game scoring app and a great tool for any card game enthusiast.

Cardiac uses specialized scoresheets for every game to streamline the scoring and make scoring more fun! Cardiac can be used to score a number of games and we’d like to support more games in the future. For example it is great for scoring Canasta, Gin Rummy and Hearts.

Cardiac Features

  • Game History: All of your games’ scorecards are stored for later review and can immediatly be brought up with full display of the game.
  • Game Statistics: Number of played games, wins, average time, longest game etc.
  • Game Resume: Continue a game where you left off, no need to remember who the dealer was, just check the dealer indicator.
  • Game Rules: Easy to understand and pick-up game rules for included games. On the scoring sheet, the rules are easily available on a pull-out.
  • Scorekeeping: Game specific customized scorecards per game to make the score keeper’s life a dandy one.
  • Integrates with your contacts, and photos so you can create you game buddies from your contacts and assign a mugshot directly from the contact or select one from your photos.

List of Currently Supported Games

  • Arlington (A great rummy variant)
  • Canasta for 2/4 players
  • Cassino (Casino)
  • Gin Rummy
  • Halmstad Rummy (A variant of Contract Rummy)
  • Hand & Foot Canasta
  • Hearts

Available on the App Store

Support Contact : support+cardiac (at)

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